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- O B S I D I A N A -

Since ancient times, obsidian has had a very important role in the development of pre-Colombian cultures, especially in Mexico; it was used to make hunting instruments and tools, and was also frequently worn as an accessory. Obsidian, since ancient times to the present day, has been considered to possess spiritual properties.

Our purpose is to extend these spiritual properties to our passion: clothing. We admire the duality of this volcanic rock with deep shades and intend for clothes to be more than an object of everyday use. We want clothing to contain a particle of the palpable representation of the spirituality and energy of Mexican land which bore fruit to the obsidian rocks that has been especially carved for each garment. It is precisely for this reason that we wish to emphasize that the genesis of life is found in crystalized ashes, a product of the energy of the earth and why we have used obsidian to represent the beginning of a natural cycle to which we bear witness day after day.

- O A X A C A -

This collection is a celebration of the color and richness of Oaxaca, a cradle of innumerable artistic contributions in Mexico and all around the world. It is a well thought out combination that looks to portray the abundance and color of Oaxaca: its amazing waterfalls, rivers and beaches; the texture, color and mystique of its traditional apparel and its craftsmanship rich in creative beauty.

In this first edition of our collection, we are evoking only a small part of the most emblematic embroidery of this region and we have translated it to match our particular vision in order to create a garment that achieves a balance between bright colors, and a subtle and elegant design.

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"Los detalles no son los detalles, ellos hacen el diseño"

- Charles Eames -

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